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Unravel Your Family Story with Us!

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About Us

Leaves and Branches understands the value of family relationships, past, present and future. This company started in 2012,  with a mission to help others celebrate, learn, and enjoy their family relationships.

Leaves and Branches’ products are geared toward capturing your precious moments, planning occasions, and celebrating each of your family members from your past.  We apply our own care and love of our own family to the care of yours.  Family search brings the story to life, who has previously passed on. With the information, you learn more about those who came before you, celebrate their successes in love, business, and life.

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Unravel Your Family Story with Us!

Leaves and Branches

would love celebrate your family with you.

*6 to 10 weeks are required for the completion of the Primary, Intermediate, Deluxe, and Premium packages and Family Memory Books.*

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Primary Package

The Primary Package is perfect for those who want to obtain information about their family. This package will include up to 4 surnames and will allow research to be conducted on either one of your maternal or paternal great-grandparents. Once concluded, you will be provided a printed family tree poster and a family portfolio, complete with your family's information and historical documents. Please view this and our other package deals to see which works best for you and your family.
**A memory device or CD with your family information is provided at an additional cost.**

"I have always wanted to research my family’s background but never really knew how to begin. My researcher told me that she loves researching family histories and would be willing to investigate my history for me.  I was hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to dig up the past.  What if she found a family secret, were my honest thoughts about the matter.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know.  My fears soon turned to intrigue at what could be found.  I gave her the go ahead to begin my family tree.  I don’t really know my family history, so Monica started with little to no information.  To my amazement, Monica was able to locate my maternal grandmother and grandfather.  When she provided me with their marriage license I was floored.  Monica began putting my family tree together just from asking seemingly unimportant questions about memories I had of my childhood.  Those questions lead her to family members I remembered to family I didn’t know existed.   I don’t know how she did it, but I am happy with my results so far. "

Vandell B.

"It is a privilege to highly recommend Leaves and Branches to create your Family Tree.  Monica is both professional and dedicated in researching genealogy and family history. She will create a visual illustration of your family’s legacy…that can be shared from generation to generation. One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the story of our generational journey.  The Family Tree is a way of discovering your heritage and connecting with your past.  Monica creates a beautiful Family Tree that will be treasured by all."

Kurt & Ramona P.

"Leaves and Branches was able to connect me with my great great great grandfather's name and his wife they married after world war 1.... she did all this even when my mother was put up for adoption at 2 months old so now I know my bloodline."

Tyrone K.

"Leaves and Branches offered me the opportunity to expand my family tree further into my great great grandparents on both sides. I am elated to know my family history better. The kind family consultant assisted me in obtaining family photos, relationships, and more. I will be recommending Leaves and Branches to other family members and friends."

Author Kharisma

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